86fb Football Has Crashed – Here Are The Signs That The Platform Is A Scam

If your primary reason here is to know if 86fb Football has Crashed, I want to tell you that you are not alone. They are countless people looking for an answer to the same question. The answer to your question will be provided in no time as you read on.

This article is going to be brief as I won’t waste much time talking about irrelevant stuff like what 86fb Football is all about and how it works because you already know about them or better still read our previous article on the subject matter.

Earlier this month, we made a review of 86fb Football investment which claims to be around since 2015 and involved in the revised kind of betting that is almost impossible to lose, but now the situation is changed and now people are looking to know if 86fb Football has Crashed.


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86fb football has crashed

86fb Football has Crashed?

Without wasting much of your time, let me quickly provide an answer to your question of whether 86fb Football has Crashed or not. 86fb Football has Crashed officially. You might want to know how I come to this conclusion. Well, I’ll show you some of the signs that made me draw this conclusion as you read further.

What are the signs that 86fb Football has Crashed?

There are many signs that show 86fb Football has Crashed but I’m just going to list out a few of them and don’t forget to share the article to help as many as possible.

Signs that 86fb Football has Crashed

1. 86fb Football has no visible way of generating their income and yet promised people 5-10 percent of their capital. This is a clear situation that which the platform was originally built to crash.

2. At some point, they stopped people from using Naira to deposit, instead they forced people to deposit using USDT. Let me explain the reason why. If you deposit using usdt, the fund can not be traced to any particular account. That is when I know they’ve started their crashing process.

3. Another sign that 86fb Football has Crashed is, They claimed to have issues with their withdrawal department as it was difficult to withdraw but very easy to deposit into the platform.

4. Outrageous bonuses on deposit is also a sign that 86fb Football has Crashed, when I started seeing the bonuses promised for each deposit in compensation for the difficulty of the withdrawal issues, I knew they were up to something.

5. Another sign that still rings a bell in my brain is their recent announcement of depositing 30% of your total balance to fast track your withdrawal? Who does that?

Somebody’s money is stuck in your platform and you still have the mind to ask the person to deposit more money to fast the withdrawal processes? Wow, This madness.

6. Now, people’s balance has been wiped out from their dashboard. This is also another sign that 86fb Football has Crashed.

7. Their telegram channel has now been used to cash cruise on the members. If you check, you’ll only see funny announcements on the channel.

Why is their website and app still live?

86fb football has crashed but their website is still live looking 👀 for more victims.

If you are a member, do not make any further deposits and if you are nurturing the idea of joining the platform, please discard the idea as it’s no longer worth it.

Note of warning ⚠️ to all Nigerian and my blog readers, please desist from investing in such platforms going further. They are many of them around and still coming out to reap you off your hard-earned money.

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Is 86FB still paying

You want to know if 86FB still paying or not. Well, Like I said in my earlier post and also in the third paragraph of this very article. 86fb football has stopped paying. The platform has scammed people of their hard-earned money and has since stopped paying.

86FB Office in Lagos

Do you want to know if there is 86FB Office in Lagos or where it is located? Well, according to our findings, 86fb claimed to have 86FB Office in Lagos which for all I know is part of the fraud.

86fb and flutter wave

What is the relationship between 86fb and flutterwave? I got a report earlier that 86fb is accusing flutterwave of being in position of customers money. This is one lie they have been telling those who cares to listen.

flutterwave is just a payment gateway and not a bank that can hold billions of naira for 86fb.

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