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86fb Review – Is 86FB Football Legit? Here Is All You Need To Know

Breaking…. 86fb has stopped paying. For your own good, stop making any new deposit for now until the issue is resolved if possible.

86fb review

If you are looking for an honest 86fb review to guide your decision about the platform, I’m glad to welcome you here. In this review, I’ll be revealing all you need to know about, which in the end will influence your decision on whether or not to join the platform.

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86fb review

Let’s continue 

Making money online has been one of the most searched keywords in recent times, a lot of people want to make money while staying comfortable in their homes. That’s where comes in.

So, in this 86fb review, you’ll learn how to make money online from the comfort of your home using the platform, you’ll also learn What is 86FB all about? How does 86FB work and of course If 86FB Football Legit or a scam? So it’s for your good that you read this review till the end to help your understanding of the platform.

Before I move further with the 86fb review, I want to quickly inform your curious mind that is no longer legit. So if you are among those asking if 86FB Football is Legit, I believe I’ve answered your question. You can now go ahead and spread the news to help others, but don’t forget to read further to understand the modus operandi of the platform.

Here is the payment proof tested by me before it crashed. I Register and fund my account, then staked on the company game to be sure about their claim, after the win, I decided to test the withdrawal process. It takes a few minutes for the credit alert to land on my phone. But it was all a ploy to lure more members to the platform.

86fb review

What is 86FB all about?

Do you want to know What is 86FB all about? In this section of 86fb review, I’ll be revealing to you What is 86FB all about and more.

86FB.COM is a reverse betting platform, more like an investment platform where you can make 1% to 3% of your initial investment every day as long as you follow the team’s game plan.

There’s no need for you to take unnecessary risks. Unlike other betting sites where your money is always in danger, if the game plan results in a loss, that is, if the game that was given to you by the company lost, the company will compensate you in full, regardless of the balance.

How does 86FB work

How does 86FB work? In this section of the 86fb review, you’ll learn how does 86fb work and also how to make money on the platform.

When you REGISTER and become a member on, the company will provide you a safe game daily to bet on, the profit for each transaction range from 1% to 100% depending on the risk involved. You can also stake your own game but it’s better to stay with the company game since the chance of you losing your money is almost 0%.

86FB registration/86FB sign up/How To register on 86FB Football

86fb review

If you are looking for the 86FB registration process or How To register on 86FB Football, follow the instructions below and register to become a member of

To register on 86fb football, click here to visit the registration page.

Enter your username, password, and your phone number, then click on the register button as seen in the screenshot above.

86FB football promo code

What is 86FB football promo code? Well, 86FB football promo code is more or less a referral code. During the registration, you may be ask for 86FB football promo code.

Below is the 86FB football promo code and how to use.

86FB football promo code is 62393622

During registration, you will see a space provided for 86FB football promo code, it should be filled with 62393622 automatically, if not, input the code above manually

But if it’s there automatically, simply continue the registration.

86FB login

86fb review

86FB login is similar to that of the registration process. Just visit the login page, enter your username and password 🔑 and click login.

How to deposit on 86fb football

After registration, the next thing is to deposit some amount of money into your account so you can be able to bet and win. So This section of the 86fb review will show and guide you on How to deposit on 86fb football without stress.

To deposit or fund your account. Login to your account and click on personal Center, locate Deposit and click as seen in the screenshot below.

How to deposit on 86fb football

Use the bank card option and select Nigeria if you are depositing a from Nigeria. To have a stress-free deposit, you can change the payment method from the dialogue box as seen below.

86fb review

Use bank Transfer, Then use your mobile App or ussd code and Transfer to the Wema bank account that will appear. When you’ve sent it successfully, go back to the page and click I’ve sent. Just wait for the fund to be confirmed and you’re good to go.

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Please note. This bank transfer process does not in any way invalidate other payment methods. So you are free to work with what works for you.

How To play 86fb football

Do you want to know How To play 86fb football? They are many ways on How To play 86fb football, just pay attention to the steps below.

From the menu, locate market list and click. The next window will show you the list of available games for you to make your choice.

Click on the desired game and choose your preferred option and stake.

In you desire playing only the company games, you can join our SUPPORT GROUP ON WHATSAPP Where we keep you updated on the happenings around the company. We will send you the company games three times in a day. Remember, you money can not lost playing the company games.

86FB football prediction

If you are in this section of 86fb review, you simply want to know more about 86FB football prediction. Well, 86FB football prediction is done by expert and it’s almost impossible to cut, but when it does, you money will be refund to you.

However, if you are an expert and fully aware of the risk in betting, you can bet your game anytime you want. 86FB football prediction is just a reverse betting where you choose options that are impossible to come. Anytime outside the option you choose, you win 🏆.

86fb minimum deposit/withdrawal

The minimum amount to deposit in is N3500 $6+ and also the minimum amount to withdraw is equally N3500.

Is 86fb registered in Nigeria

Is 86fb registered in Nigeria? Before a company can be allowed to operate in a country like Nigeria, the company must be registered with CAC. So the question of whether 86fb is registered in Nigeria is a vital one. This is because no one wants to invest in a ghost company.

According to the available information on the website and another 86fb review on the internet. is duly registered with the Corporate affairs commission (CAC) as “86 FOOTBALL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED” with number 18911287.

Is 86FB Football Legit?

According to the user’s feedback and other 86fb review online, the platform is legit and still paying at the time of this review. However, it’s advisable not to leave a huge amount of money in your wallet since the platform is not a bank.

Is 86FB Football Scam?

86fb football is not a scam. At least no visible evidence of such yet. The company has been keeping their own part of the promise and the feedback we got from the user and other 86fb review affirmed it.

However, like I always warned. Don’t use the company as your bank where you saved money. When you win to a certain level, please withdraw your money to your local account where the safety of the money is guarantee.

86fb Whatsapp Group Link

Do you need 86FB whatsapp group Link so you can be carried along with the daily activities? Well, for as long as I know, 86fb Does not have official WhatsApp group 👥 but You Can Join The our WHATSAPP GROUP HERE So we can carry you along with everything around the company.

How long has 86FB been in Nigeria?

According to our research, 86fb was cofounded in May 2015 by City Football Group (CFG Co., Ltd. for short) with a strong background. According to them, The IFC global international team undertakes the national general agent of 86FB in Nigeria because we understand the strength of the platform, the platform is absolutely safe and stable, and the background is strong.

Who is the owner of 86FB?

There are different reports on Who is the owner of 86FB platform? Some report claim that the owner of 86FB Football is ALOZIE CHIDIEBUBE CHIMUANYA. And others claimed  is a Manchester-based sports investment company co-founder by City Football Group (CFG) and William Hill Limited in May 2015.

How does 86FB make their own money?

This section of 86fb review will provide an answer to the question of How does 86FB make their own money? This is very important because, before you invest your money into any company that promise a good return on investment, you need to know how they make money for the company.

And in the case of, since their betting system hardly lost, How does 86FB make their own money? 86fb makes profits from losing of bet.

You may ask, with 86fb official game, you can’t lose your money. Well I’m glad to inform you that millions of people are not satisfied with the 3% profits daily, so they greedily play their own game in order to win big and such person lost, the company makes profits.

Another way 86FB make their own money is from the withdrawal percentage, the take 5% on every withdrawal. Imagine the amount of money people withdraw daily.

They also make money from other companies by referring their millions members to take actions of an external company. Example BINANCE.

Recently, 86fb compel people to open USDT account because of the difficulty in NAIRA withdrawal process and BINANCE was introduced for people to register. I noticed the link has referral code when the link owner get commission for every successful registration. So you can imagine the millions of people that registered and still registering through their link?


We hope that this 86fb review has helped you see the positive and negative aspects of, which will help you make an informed decision regarding the platform. Thank you for taking the time to read this far into the review. Remember to tell your friends about it on social media to help spread the word.


Please be aware that the information provided above about the 86fb review may not be 100% correct, as things may have changed since we completed our research. As a result, we will not be held liable for any mistakes made by you.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment area if you have had any experience or if you discovered anything that could help us improve this article. Don’t forget to JOIN THE WHATSAPP SUPPORT GROUP 👥 HERE 

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