Bret Michaels net worth

Bret Michaels net worth, Business And Income

Bret Michaels net worth includes his biography and lifestyle.Bret Michaels net worthIn America they are blessed with talented singers indeed that knows how to set ng inspirationally and how to encourage people through their song Bret Micheal is one of those skilled singers.

He has many huge fans in his country and on social media, and people stream and listens to his song because his song pleased them he was popularly called Bret Micheal by his fans and followers, and he has been doing very well in his singing career.

Bret Michaels is a very handsome man admired by his fans his song is sung and known by many he has done much music that has gone viral and that also fetched him a lot of money, Bret Micheal has a wonderful and charming voice which have helped him in his music career.

CAREER Music, actor, songwriter
DATE OF BIRTH 15th March 1963
ORIGINAL NAME Bret Michael sychak
CURRENT AGE 59 years
CHILDREN Two: Jori’s Bleu and raine


Bret Michaels net worth

Bret Michaels is an American musician with an estimated net worth of $18 million. Michaels is famous for being the lead vocalist of the glam rock band Poison. He is also well known for being in reality TV shows, and being a TV judge.

We will discuss the net worth of Bret Michaels down from the year 1986


The money got from his song record which was named “look what the cat dragged” was a huge amount.

He got the following awards that same year

platinum given by music Canada certified platinum received 3× by the RIAA also he got silver from the BPI

1988 total of $5,460,000

Net worth from his record sales from his album named “up and say”

He got platinum 4× from music Canada, silver from the BPI,5× certified platinum from the RIAA.

1989 total of $55,000

His record sales were gotten only from his video album named “sight for sore ears”  which was performed with the American rock band.

He received the following awards

Gold from the RIAA and also from music Canada

1990 total of $3,460,000

He got this from sales of his album named “flesh and blood”, some of the awards he received that year include

Silver got from the BPI, platinum got 3× from the RIAA

1991 total of $50,000

He got this from the album of his video named “fresh and blood “

He also got his earnings from the live performance he made from his live album named “swallow”

which made him get an award of Gold from the RIAA.

1992 total of $50,000

Bret Michaels’s net worth of 1992 was gotten from his video album which includes “flesh and blood” and “swallow this life”.

The gold award was given to him that year by the RIAA

1993 total of $550,000

Which he got from his album named “native tongue”

He also got platinum and gold awards from the RIAA.

1996 total of $2,100,000

Bret Michaels got this earning from his album compilation of “poison’s great hit” which was made back in the year 1986 to 1996.

Music Canada gave him a gold award while double platinum was given to him by RIAA.

2000 total of $512,000

He thot these huge earnings from one of his albums named  “crack and smile” which got him $12,000.

He also made big earnings from the live album he did which was named “power to the people” from this live performance he got $500,000.

That year Bret Michaels got the award of gold from RIAA

2001 total of $50,000

He got all these from his video which he named “poison” this very video went viral during that time.

RIAA gave him a gold award that year.

2002 total of $11,000

Bret Micheal jot this from his popular album named “ Hollyweird”.

2006 total of $500,000

It was a compilation of his two albums “best of poison” with “20 years of rock” that gave him this huge earning.

Bret received Gold at RIAA that year.

2007 total of $21,000

Bret Michaels got it from his famous album “poison”.

2008 total of $2,400,000

Bret Michaels made it from the live album of “raw & cut” he did.

The early living of Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels’s net worth plus his early living

In 1963 March 15  Bret Michaels was born, he grew up in Mechanicsburg.

Bret Michaels once said that his previously “maverick” was just the name his parents wanted to give him.

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