Cbsapp88 Review – Is Cbsapp88 Real Or Fake? Let’s Find Out Now!!

You don’t have to be a professional or spend a lot of money to make money on the internet.

But the surprising thing is that 99% of people do it the wrong way which has discouraged lots of people from investing their time and resources on the internet.

Cbsapp88 Review, I'll be answering all the related questions like, What is How does Cbsapp88 work? How to make money on and also to know if Cbsapp88 is legit or a scam. So ensure you read to the end.

Before we continue with this cbsapp88 review, let me digress a little.

I personally have made more than N30,000 in the last few weeks from a similar making more platform called, you can check here for the proof and how to go about it. The platform is not just about making money from the tasks, you can equally make thousands of Naira from selling data, airtime, and many more.

So in this Cbsapp88 Review, I’ll be answering all the related questions like, What is How does Cbsapp88 work? How to make money on and also to know if Cbsapp88 is legit or a scam. So ensure you read to the end.

If you are thinking about the registration fee, worry your head not. The registration is free, but do not be in a haste to register until you’re done reading honest reviews.

Cbsapp88 Review

This review will be focusing on the important aspect of the Cbsapp88 Review which will in the end influence your decision to join or not.

“Are you looking for another source of income? was recently released to assist people in finding ways to earn money online. The platform is a very user-friendly platform with numerous benefits; they provide various tasks on their platform for which users can begin earning large sums of money after completing these tasks on their platform. has some VIP plans you can sign up for and start making money. They offer tasks on their platform such as invitations, watching videos, playing games, and many other tasks. Once you’ve completed these tasks on their platform, you’ll be able to earn money daily from their platform without any stress.

What is All About?

Just like Hawkit, cbsapp88 is an online making platform where verified members perform tasks daily and get paid. It doesn’t end there.

How To Make money from Cbsapp88?

Do you want to know how to make money from Cbsapp88? It’s very simple as I’ll dedicate this part of the Cbsapp88 Review to educate you on that.

There are two major ways to make money from There are.

  • Performing tasks
  • Referral

1. Performing tasks. Performing the tasks involves sharing, liking a social media handle, and following a social media handle which in turn helps create more visibility.

You can earn about 5R daily or more depending on the available task, but you can earn more if you upgrade from being a free member to a premium member.

The platform is divided into (4) levels. The first level is free and the earning capacity is limited. The remaining 3 levels are paid levels and your earning capacity is higher.

Although it’s recommended that you stay at the free level and observe the behavior of the platform until you have seen reason to take the risk.

2. Referral. Referral involves you inviting people to join the platform through your referral link. You’ll earn a good amount of money for every person that registers through your referral link.

How to refer on

When you register and become a member, you’ll have access to your unique referral link in your dashboard, copy the link and share it across the major social media platforms and ask people to join. It’s that simple. Sign up

To register on, simply visit the website, click the signup or registration button and follow the instructions to the latter. Login

To login to the platform as a registered member, just go over to and sign in.

Cbsapp88 Withdrawal

To withdraw your earnings from, log in to your dashboard and click on the withdrawal button, the system will walk you through the process.

Cbsapp88 Minimum Withdrawal

If you are concerned about the least amount to be withdrawn on, I’m glad to inform you that, the minimum withdrawal on cbsapp88 is R100. Once you have earned up to the amount, you’ll be allowed to withdraw.

Who is the owner of

Unfortunately, at the time of this article, the information about who owns the platform can’t be found on the official website or any other cbsapp88 review on the internet. Although we’re still digging deep and we’ll inform you if anything tangible is found.

Is cbsapp88 real or fake?

Like I said earlier, is relatively new and the information available to us is not enough to determine if it’s real or fake. However, we have had a similar platform in the past which turns out fake, so do your thorough finding before you invest your time and money.


Please be informed that the information above regarding the cbsapp88 review may not be 100% accurate, because a lot of things may have changed after we must have completed our research. We therefore will not be held accountable for any incorrect decisions made by you.

And also note that we are not in affiliate with any company, whatever we put out here is for informational purposes and our honest review.

Do let us know your experience through the comment section and don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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