Review – Is Paying Or Scam?

A lot of people are interested in learning how to make money from home and the internet offers a lot of ways to do that. However, there are also a lot of scams out there and you may want to be careful with your choices. More reason why I’m writing this Review. Review

At the end of this review, you’ll everything you need to know about, starting from what is all about, how work and how to make money from You’ll also get to find out if is Legit or a scam.

So if you are looking for a Review to influence your decision on whether to join or not. This review is all that you need.

What is All About?

Without wasting time, let’s find out what is all about. Simply put, is a South Africa newly created platform that claims to be paying users in foreign currency for doing simple and normal online tasks.

Cryptonaires is platform where members can generate income daily by sharing their link and earn commission when their link is clicked or visited, the earned free commission is withdrawable without deposit.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to earn in cryptocurrency, this is platform is for you. But make sure you read and digest everything about it before you go ahead to register.

How Does To Earn On

This part of Review will give you an insight on how the platform works. So keep reading.

When you visit and register on the platform, you’ll be given access to different packages where you can choose and start making money. The earnings is inform of points, and will be converted to your local currency during withdrawal.

After successful registration, you can then go straight to your dashboard where you can make your choice between the different packages. As shown in the screenshot above.

The packages are of 4 levels. Just make your choice and invest. The higher the package the higher the return. Referal Program

Referring is the process of telling people about a particular product or services own by a third party which you’ll earn a commission if those you referred through your link take any action or buy the product or services.

You can also earn through affiliate. This the most recommended earnings strategy that is recommended since you do not need to invest or deposit anything. All you need do is to share your affiliate link on social media platforms and get paid for every visit and click. Imagine getting paid for just a click on your affiliate link? It’s crazy right?

Aside from that, you can Refer a member to register and earn N 1,250.00 on their first withdrawal. Registration review

To register and be part of the platform. Visit

Click on create account and fill all the necessary details and finally click complete sign up Login

If you want to login to your account, follow the above steps and click on login account as seen in the above screenshot. Enter your user name and password and click login. Withdrawal Review

Before you make withdrawal on, you can must first of all add your payment account to your dashboard. That is, where Your payment will be sent to. It can be your local bank account or your litecoins account.

To make withdrawal after completing the step above, visit withdrawal page here and follow the instructions.

Is Paying?

As at the time of writing this article, they are claims of payment on the platform by the members on the payment page, but this is not confirmation that the platform paying as the testimonies can be manipulated.

I’ve gone through different Review on the internet and have not seen any proof of payment. So if you must give it a try, you should be more careful on the amount of time and money you invest in it.

When Was Launched?

According to duplicate checker, was launched on the 3rd of June 2022.

Is Legit Or Scam?

The platform as I said is relatively new, as such we do not have enough proof to determine our judgement on whether Legit Or Scam.

However, we’re still having a close monitoring on the platform and should anything comes up, we’ll update you guys.

Who Is The Owner Of

Knowing the owner of a platform you invest or intend to invest in will make it more trust worthy especially on the internet as you’ll know where and who to run to if anything goes wrong.

But unfortunately, the detail of the owner of is available on their platform or anywhere on the internet.

Thanks for reading this Review. Don’t forget to share your experience on the platform with us through the comment section. Thanks.

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