D98vip.com Review – Is D98vip.com Legit Or Fake? Let’s Find Out

Is D98vip.com a good earning platform? Is it paying? To get an honest answer to your question, you’ll need to read this d98vip.com Review till the end as I’ll be revealing everything you need to know about the earning platform.

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While I was doing my usual research on the internet, I came across this newly created earning platform called d98vip.com, I searched further to what is the platform all about and how it works.

D98vip.com Review

Like I always advise, before you invest your money, time, and energy on any online earning platform, endeavor to read different reviews about it to help guide your decision towards the platform.

So in this d98vip.com Review, you are not only going to learn what is d98vip.com and how it works, but you’ll also learn how to make money from d98vip.com and if d98vip.com is paying or not, so make sure you read till the end. More sub-topic to cover are as follows.

  • Is D98vip.com Legit?
  • Is D98vip.com a scam?
  • How do D98vip.com works?
  • Who is the owner of D98vip.com?
  • D98vip.com registration/signup,
  • D98vip.com login/sign-in is
  • D98vip.com paying?
  • D98vip.com withdrawal,
  • D98vip.com Plans/Packages and many more are expected to be discussed in this “D98vip.com Review”.

What Is D98vip.com?

According to our findings, D98vip.com is an online betting platform that claims to pay users for predicting correctly on their platform. This is not the usual betting website where your chance of winning is almost zero.

How Does D98vip.com Work/How To Make Money On D98vip.com?

Do you want to know how d98vip works? I’ll dedicate this part of the d98vip.com review to educating you on how the platform work and how you can make money from it.

Before you be part and enjoy the benefits of the platform, you must be a registered member, after which you will need to fund your account and start placing a bet.

When your prediction turns out accurately as predicted, you’ll win and that means money in your account.

Additionally, you can earn/make money on d98vip.com when you invite other people into the platform. This is called an affiliate program.

How Does the Affiliate program work?

As a member of the platform, you’ll have an opportunity to make money to introduce other people to the platform through your own unique affiliate link. The more people you invited the more money you make.

D98vip.com Registration/Signup

d98vip.com Review

To sign up on d98vip.com, visit their website here D98vip.com

Enter all the necessary details as shown above and click register. You can then visit your email address to verify and start using your account.

D98vip.com Registration/Sign-in

D98vip.com review

If you are already a member and want to know the process of login into your d98vip.com, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the screenshot above and log into your account.

D98vip.com Withdrawal

The withdrawal on d98vip is said to be 24hrs, this means you can withdraw on the platform whenever you want to, provided you have the required amount and have provided your bank detail.

Who is the founder/Ceo of d98vip.com?

Do you wish to know who owns d98vip.com? That is the right move but unfortunately, we can not at the moment tell for sure who owns d98vip.com as the information about the owner is not available on the platform as well as other d98vip.com review on the internet.

Is D98vip.com Legit Or Scam?

D98vip.com can not be said to be legit or a scam and the platform is newly launched, and also we do not have any proof to tag the platform legit or scam.

However, don’t forget to research further and invest what your heart can take should anything goes wrong like the previous one called 86fb football investment.

Please note. Our responsibility here at Info Guide Media Is to review and guide you against legit and none legit earning platforms, we do not have any affiliation with the platform and as such, whatever you decide to do after reading this d98vip.com review is entirely your responsibility. We’ll not be held responsible should anything goes wrong.


As you know, there are countless numbers of making money platforms on the internet and it’s through this type of honest review you can find a legit earning platform and none legit one.

If you have had any experience regarding D98vip.com, feel free to let us know in the comment box and it’ll help us to improve this review.


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