EcoBank Transfer Code: How To Quickly Send Money Using EcoBank Code For Transfer

If you are on this page, it simply means you are interested in knowing the ussd transfer code for ecobank to enable you to send funds easily to your family and business associates.

Basically, each Bank has its unique ussd code that makes it easy for its customers to Carry out transactions anywhere in the land.

But the focus in this article is on the ecobank code for transfer of funds from one account to another, so if you are already on this page, I ask that you read to the end as I’ll do my best to cover some of the related questions regarding this topic.

What Is Ecobank?EcoBank Code For Transfer

Ecobank is a leading commercial bank in Africa. The bank offers a range of banking services to its customers, including a code for transferring funds between accounts.

What Is The Ecobank Transfer Code?

The ecobank code for transfer is a simple and efficient way to move money between accounts. The code can be used to transfer funds from one ecobank account to another or to transfer funds to an account in another bank.

This transfer code is a convenient and safe way to make payments and transfers. The code is easy to remember and can be used by anyone with an ecobank account.

Ecobank Code For Transfer

The code for Ecobank transfer is *326# it’s that simple but before you can make use of the code it’s important you activate it first, you’ll learn how to activate it As you read further.

How Do I Activate My Ecobank Transfer Code

To activate your Ecobank transfer code, all you need to do is Dial the ussd code which is *326# from your Bank Registered phone number and follow the instructions carefully.

Another way to activate the transfer code is to visit any nearest Ecobank branch and have customer cares activate it for you.

How to transfer money from Ecobank to other Banks

Transferring funds from Ecobank to another account within the country is almost the same process as transferring money within the bank, the only difference is choosing another Bank instead of the Same Bank.

  • To transfer simply Dial *326# from the phone number connected to your Ecobank Bank account.
  • Select Transfer or send Funds from the available option
  • Select another Bank and confirm the account number
  • Enter the amount to be transferred and finally enter your transfer secret code which is usually 4 digits.

How to transfer money from Ecobank to another bank with phone?

I’ve seen many people having difficulty transferring money using their phones with Ecobank. This process is of two types. You used ussd code to transfer using your phone offline and you can equally transfer using Ecobank mobile App.

If you want to transfer using the ussd code just Dial *326# and follow the instructions as explained above. Or Dial *326*amount*account number#

How do I transfer money using Ecobank mobile app?

If you want to transfer funds using Ecobank mobile App follow the instructions below.

  • First, you must have an android phone that can accept mobile apps.
  • Visit the app store to download the mobile App
  • Register on the app using your phone number linked with your Bank account.
  • Enter the card details you’ll be using to make the transfer. Make sure you set up your password so you use it to confirm any transactions.


  • Visit any Ecobank branch near you, the customer care service will be more than glad to help you.

How does Ecobank mobile app work?

Just like the name implies, it’s a moveable Bank in the form of an application that you can take anywhere with you instead of having to visit the banking hall for any transactions. You can use it anywhere and anytime.

You can use it to send money within and outside the Bank and country. You can equally use it to check ✅ your account balance anywhere you are.

How To Check EcoBank Account Balance On Phone

Do you know as an Ecobank subscriber you can check your account balance on your phone without internet or visiting the banking hall? All you need to do is dial the ussd code *326# and follow the instructions on the screen.


In conclusion, the ecobank transfer code is a helpful tool for sending and receiving money. It is important to know how to use it correctly to avoid any fees or errors. I hope this article helped explain how the ecobank transfer code works.

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