Fundmine Review-is Scam Or Legit? Check It Out


Hey everyone, welcome once again to another edition of earning platform review. Today, we’re going to do a critical Fundmine Review to find out what is all about, how to make a huge amount of money on the platform, and also to know if is legit or a scam.

Do you want to make a huge amount of money on the internet doing some routine work? Well, you’ll get to know-how as you read further.

As you already know, making money online is now becoming easier every day, all thanks to the numerous opportunities available on the Internet and the earning platforms that are being released on the internet every day.

It’s no longer news that you can make money by doing some simple normal tasks you do every day online, like downloading packages, taking surveys, inviting and referring friends, watching ads, and lots more. But it’s important to find out if there are paying or not. 

You wouldn’t want to waste your time and resources on a fruitless task, do you?

In this fundmine review, you’ll be able to learn what is all about, how to register and make money from it. And of course, if it’s worth your time. So stay put. 

What is all about?

According to the review on their website, Fundmine is a platform that was established to genuinely eradicate poverty for its users by allowing them to mine and earn in different ways.

The goal of the fundmine is to maximize total returns. At least 99 percent of its total assets are invested in equities, and at least 99 percent of its funds are invested globally.

How Does Fundmine Work? is a mining platform where users can make money by mining, daily login, and referring.

How To Make Money On Fundmine

Just like every other earning platform, to make money on a fundmine you must be a participating member. The breakdown on how to earn is!

  • Welcome bonus= N1000
  • Daily login= N200
  • 24hrs Automatic mining= N300
  • referral earnings= N1500
  • Indirect referral earnings=N200

All these you get as soon .as your task is completed.

How To Register On Fundmine

To register and become a qualified member of the fundmine, you should diligently follow the instructions below.

The registration is possible through the use of coupon codes which can only be gotten from their vendors.

  • Contact one of our vendors to purchase a coupon code.
  • Register using the coupon code.
  • Go on to the mining section and then Start Mining
  • You get a Mining Hashrate You will periodically receive a mining Hashrate in your designated wallet.

Please note. Becoming a member will attract the payment of N3000.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings

Withdrawing your earnings on fundmine is just simple and easy, Fundmine will pay you with or without referring anyone but must have a minimum of N10,000 for and a minimum of N1,500 if you refer at least one person.

Payments for non_refeerals are done 3 times in a month.. the 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month. While payments for affiliate bonus is done daily.

Who Is The Owner Of

The information about who owns is not found on the official website nor is it found on any of the fundmine review on the internet. So if knowing who is behind the platform is part of the criteria you need to trust the platform, then you’ll have to think twice

Is Legit Or a Scam?

Is the foundme scam or legit? Well, Currently, the status of fundmine is relatively New. And the information we have from other the fundmine review online is not sufficient enough to decide if it’s real or scam.

Please be informed that the information above regarding the fundmine review may not be 100% accurate, because things may change after we must have completed our research. We therefore will not be held accountable for any incorrect decisions made by you.

Fundmine review

Please let us know about your experience or if you come across anything that could help us improve this post in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.

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