Futistic Review – Is Futistic Legit Or Scam? Fine Out Now!!

You don’t have to be a professional or spend a lot of money to make money on the internet. 

But the surprising thing is that 99% of people do it the wrong way which has discouraged lots of people from investing their time and resources.

I personally have made more than N30,000 in the last few weeks from a similar making more platform called hawkit.ng, you can check here for the proof and how to go about it. The platform is not just about making money from the tasks, you can equally make thousands of Naira from selling data and airtime. 

Futistic review

Futistic Review

So in this futistic review, I’ll going to introduce you to a new making money platform called FUTISTIC. This platform is new and you can take advantage of it as an early bird. 

If you thinking about the registration fee, worry your head not. The registration is free, but do not register until you’re done reading honest reviews. 

Why should I read a futistic review? Just like every other earning app review, it’ll give you an overview/insight of what the platform is all about, how it works, and to know if it’s legit or not. 

What Is Futistic?

The 21st century has seen the growth of various online malls, which has made human way of living and gaining access to goods easier than ever.

FUTISTIC is a referral scheme created to promote the upcoming Futistic Mall😊 this website was created for users who have high referring abilities which is compulsory as it is the only way to earn from FUTISTIC 

The company however has made referring 101% easier as registration is FREE, you don’t have to pay before you can own an account on futistic, your downlines don’t have to pay either and you get an N500 referral bonus per referral and also 500 NAIRA as Welcome bonus.

Please note. Before you can withdraw on FUTISTIC you need to verify your KYC and then fill up the 5 Must-Do Task every week by so doing, your monthly salary on FUTISTIC is guaranteed you don’t have to pay even a dime!

This Project is owned by SOUTH AFRICANS And they have selected countries they pay in Africa: Nigerians, Kenyas, Ghanas, and South Africans only.

How To Refer On Futistic.com

Do you want to know how to refer on futistic? then this section of futistic review is for you. To refer on futistic is very simple, all you have to do is to get your referral link from your futistic dashboard and start Promoting your referral link in forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter.

Futistic Withdrawal 

According to the information gathered from their website and other futistic review on the internet. The payment for All earnings will be available on the 29th of June and 29th of July which means these projects will last for only 2 months only, this doesn’t mean the platform will crash or fold, it simply means you will no longer be paid to refer people to the platform via that same account.

Once you make your first withdrawal on 29th June, you have automatically ended your earnings on the platform unless you will proceed with a new account and a new set of Downlines.

How does the site work/How to make money from futistic?

As I said earlier the Registration is free, so what you just have to do is signup.

After Signing up you get your referral unique link in which if you refer people to the platform via the link, you earn! In either naira/Ghana cedis/Kenya shillings/or South African Rands depends on your country! This platform is not available only in Nigeria

You also get paid! When you perform the weekly task! In which you will be paid in cryptocurrency named Tron! You earn up to 70tron weekly!

You can withdraw your money on 29th and payment will be made to your account before 1st of the next month.

How Does Futistic Make Money?

Now the question is how does the futistic company generate money To pay since the registration is free? This section of futistic review is dedicated to answering the above questions to your satisfaction. So read on.

Futistic is set up to make money in different ways. There are!

1. The company is set to promote/partner with other companies who are ready to advertise or promote their brand at a fixed rate. This is to say that, Futistic make money from advertising people’s business on their platform.

2. Adsense. According to the information available to us on the platform. Adsense will start displaying on the website in the 2nd week of launching in which more funds will be generated via it.  So through adsense, the company can make a whole lot of money.

5. The upcoming Futistic mall also wants to promote its upcoming store before its launch! This means the company Will also donate a specific amount to fund the project.

Futistic Registration

To register and become a member of futistic platform. all you need to do is visit futistic.com, click on the Registration or Sign up button and follow the instructions.

Please note. There are two level account creation. After the first account, you must create task account from the dashboard so you can have access to the tasks.

Futistic Login

To login, visit the login page and follow the instructions as recommended above. The process is very easy and straight forward.

Is Futistic.com Legit or Scam?

Do you want to know if futistic is legit or a scam? Your question is very relevant as we have a lot of time-wasting platforms like this. However, we can’t tell for sure if futistic is legit or a scam at the moment.

The reason is that the platform is just new and we don’t have any proof as to whether is legit or a scam. Although the platform seems suspicious from the whole set up. However, we are still on the watch and will definitely feed you back on the new development.

You can join Hawkit.ng if you are looking for 100% trusted earnings platform. 

Meanwhile, since the registration is free, you might want to give it a try. But I’ll advise you don’t give it all your time until we’re sure of their legality.

When was futistic launched?

The company website which is futistic.com was lunched on 2022-05-29.

Who is the owner of futistic?

Like I said earlier, futistic.com owned by SOUTH AFRICANS. You can fine more about it on their platform or other futistic review.


Please be informed that the information above regarding the futistic review may not be 100% accurate, because a lot of things may have changed after we must have completed our research. We therefore will not be held accountable for any incorrect decisions made by you.

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