How Much Can I Make From Hawkit Platform Daily? Here Is All You Need To Know

How much can I make from Hawkit daily?How much can I make from Hawkit daily?

You can make 5,000 to N10,000 Daily on hawkit but the amount you make daily depends largely on your efforts and how consistent you can be.

I personally have made More than N40,000 on hawkit in the space of weeks and I’ll be revealing the Strategy I used in achieving the results in this article. So it’s important that you read it to the end.

This article will not only answer question on How much you can make from Hawkit platform daily? But will answer some of the trending questions and issues surrounding hawkit lately.

What’s Hawkit all about?

Hawkit is an online earning platform that allows members to make money on the platform doing some simple task daily. You can make Even more by inviting your friend to register on the website using your referral link.

Aside from the task and referral, they’re several other ways you can make money on hawkit platform, they are… Buying and selling of airtime, data, buying Real social media followers and lot’s more. For detail on how to go about it, you can visit this Hawkit review page.

How Does Hawkit work?

I have written a review about this platform on this particular website, if you new to this platform called hawkit, then you need to visit the post to learn more on how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the article will be dedicated to answer all the questions regarding so pay attention as I’ll try everything possible to answer every question to the best of my knowledge.

How can I earn from Hawkit?

To earn from hawkit platform, you must perform a social tasks that will be allocated to you on daily basis. If you want to earn more, you should work hard to refer people to register on the platform using your referral link.

You’ll make N400 for every person that register successful with your Link.

How much can I make from Hawkit daily?

Like I said earlier, the amount of money you can make on depends mostly on you. The smarter you work the More money you make daily.

Like I promised you, here is the strategy I use to make money on the platform.

After registration, login to your dashboard and copy your referral link. Write a detail review about the platform on your website/blog as the case May be. Insert the referral link at the strategic place so people who are interested can click and register.

If you don’t have a blog, you can laverage on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Copy your referral link and share With your friends and family including your enemies on social media.

Imagine having 10-20 people register on the platform daily using your referral link?

When did Hawkit Platform started? was founded on the 1st June, 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June, 2020. However, the ability to make money through referral and social tasks was activated on February 2022.

Who invented Hawkit platform?

This question can be translated to mean who is the owner of hawkit platform. The information about the CEO is not available on their website. However, the contract details and office address can be found on the official website.

How to fund my hawkit account?

As a member, you may want to found your account to purchase airtime, Data, or to buy other social services. To do that, follow the steps bellow.

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on Fund below the balance
  • Enter your desire amount and fund wallet
  • This will take you to a payment gateway where you’ll need to enter your card details to enable the system to debit the requested amount from your bank.

Hawkit minimum withdrawal

Hawkit minimum withdrawal is N100. This mean you can request for withdrawal when you have atleast N100 in your account. You don’t need to have 5000 or 10,000 to withdraw like other platform.

How to register on Hawkit

To register on hawkit platform is very simple and straight forward. To register, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. You can as well check this review page for registration guide.

How to activate Hawkit account

After you successful registered on the platform, you’ll need to activate your account to be able to perform tasks and refer other to make money. You’ll also be able to have access to Data and airtime at a very affordable Prices.

To activate hawkit account, click on activate my account or Click Here and follow the instructions carefully.

How much does it cost to start Hawkit?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking how it cost to start hawkit. Well to answer the question. It’ll cost just N1000 to start hawkit. This amount is to one time activation fee that will afford you access to all the numerous and amazing features on the platform for a lifetime.

Has Hawkit Crashed?

Recently, the platform has been facing different challenge which lead to members asking if hawkit has crashed.

The platform has not crashed and with the recent upgrade, the platform is here ready to serve you even better than before.

Hawkit payment proof

Of course no one will want to invest time and money when there is no proof of payment either from the members.

Like I said earlier, I’ve earned above 40k from the platform and the evidence can be found HERE

Head Office

89, Allen Avenue,
Ikeja, Lagos

Email Address [email protected]

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