How To Open The Gmail Account For Your Business And Personal Use

This article will give you an insight on how to create Gmail account and the important of having email address as an individual or organization

This question might look too basic to some people, especially those who already know how to open the Gmail account, but the truth is, we have a lot of people out there finding it difficult to create a Gmail account.

It always amused me to see people paying as much as N1000/$2 to get a Gmail account created for them whenever I visit a cafe. This is something you can even do on your Smartphone and it’ll only cost you an internet connection and less than 2 minutes of your time.

So if you are One of those having difficulty creating a Gmail account by yourself, this article is for you as I’ll show you a step By steps guide on how to open the Gmail account using your smartphone.

Before we start, let’s quickly find out what is Gmail and why it’s important for anyone to have it.

What Is Gmail

Gmail is an email service provider developed by Google to help deliver information in letter format across the globe. Just like every other email provider, you can send and receive emails from around the world and is free.

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How To Open The Gmail account

How To Open The Gmail account

To open the Gmail account, you need to follow the steps below. Please note, it’s important to have a working phone number ready before you start the registration process. You might need it to verify your ownership.

1) Visit Gmail Account Creation Page

A page similar to the screenshot above will open, if for any reason you didn’t see it, just click create New account.

2) Enter your both name and username.

The username is the unique name you want the email address to revolve around. Input any unique name of your choice. In most cases, the name is already taken especially if it’s similar to some popular names or companies.

Just keep adding symbols until it’s verified to be available

3) Enter And Confirm Your Password

Enter your desired password twice in the field provided for you. This should be something unique that will be difficult for others to manipulate.

4) Click Next

On the Next page, you’ll be required to add your active phone number for verification, this is optional in some cases but it’s very important as I explained earlier. You’ll need it to verify your ownership in the future as you start using the services.

5) Enter your recovery Email

Recovering email Will help you to recover your Gmail account in the event that you are locked out due to one reason or the other. You’ll need the email to receive the recovering information that’ll be sent by the company.

Why Is Creating An Email Account Important?

Now that you have learned how to create the Gmail account, you might be wondering why is creating an email account important.

There are countless reasons why you should create an email account but the most common among them is to use it as a contact address for receiving and sending information. Others include

  • Business Contact Address
  • Link to other Google products
  • Use in verifying your registration on another external website
  • Access To YouTube Platform

1) Business Contact Address

A lot of businesses be it online or offline has email addresses among their contact information. This will enable the customers and prospective customers to easily reach out to them either to make complaints or requests.

2) Link To Other Google products.

Nearby everybody has a play store on their smartphone a Gmail account is required before one can have access to the content on the play store. This is where creating a Gmail account becomes necessary.

Another reason for creating a Gmail account is to have access to Google Drive and Google photos. This will enable you to store some information on the above-mentioned software.

3) Use in verifying your registration on other external websites

When registering or signing up on other platform outside Google, most of them require you to have an active email address before you can successfully register to use their services or product as the case may be.

These are a few of the Many reasons why you should create a Gmail account. Why the emphasis on Gmail is the fact that it’s very easy to create and it’s free to use. It can accommodate large files in large quantities.

4) To Access YouTube

As you all know, YouTube is one of Many google products. It’s a video platform where all types of videos are uploaded on a daily basis for people to consume. Without a Gmail account, you can’t have access to those videos. So having a Google account goes beyond just receiving emails.

The above are the steps on how to open the Gmail account. I believe this article has been helpful to you. To help us grow kindly subscribe to the notification and also share the article with your friends and family.

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