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Earning over $4 daily is possible on but how? That’s exactly what we will be discussing in this review, so stay glue.

In this internet and computer age, there are countless number of opportunities to make money on the Internet while sitting comfortably in your apartment.  But note that, while there are legitimate earning platforms on the Internet, there are also fraudulent ones with the sole purpose of scamming members.

So in this review, we’ll be discussing what is how does and how to make money on the platform. We will also learn about the registration process, withdrawal process and of course to find out if is legit or not.


What is review is a newly created earning platform where members can make money by doing some little task daily. It requires you have a facebook, twitter, Instagram account to enable you qualify to earn.

How Does work?

Just like Hawkit, the platform is built to help both advertisers and publishers. As advertiser who wants to showcase their services or products to the world can pay the platform to help advertise on social media through their various publishers.

As a publisher, you will make money from the platform by performing the task initiated by advertisers. When advertisers pay to advertise, the task will be allocated to you, upon finishing it, you’ll earn $0.020 as seen below. review is a new making money online platform that pay user to perform tasks.

You can also make money on through referral. As a member of you have the opportunity to earn more money on the platform by inviting your friend to the platform using your unique referral link.

This referral link can be found in your dashboard when you login. Share the link on the various social media platform. When people click through and register on the platform, you will earn a commission for your effort.

Pls note. This review is the product of our research. We do not have any affiliation with platform neither are we against them. VIP Plans.

Each VIP has their total jobs to complete and amount of money to earn. Below is The breakdown of VIP Plans .

1. Ordinary Member (VIPO)

Price: $0.00

Daily Tasks: 2

Jobs: Likes

2. VIP1

Price: $200

Daily Tasks: 6

Jobs: Likes

3. VIP2

Price: $500

Daily Tasks: 9

Jobs: Likes, Review

4. VIP3

Price: $1000

Daily Tasks: 19 Jobs: Likes, Review

5. VIP4

Price: $2000

Daily Tasks: 22

Jobs: Likes, Review, Subscribe.

6. VIP5

Price: $3000

Daily Tasks: 35

Jobs Likes, Review, Subscribe.


To register on, simply follow the steps bellow.

  • Visit
  • Click on l’m a new user, please register
  • Enter the require details
  • Finally click on Register. Sign in/Login

Are you already a member of To login, just follow the simple steps below.

  • Visit to login page
  • Enter your phone number and password
  • Finally Click on the login button.

How To Do Task On

Just like hawkit platform. Doing task on very easy, although it can be confusing as a beginner. So below are the steps to follow.

1. Login to your account by following the above steps.

2. Click on Task option from your dashboard.

3. Choose the social media platform you wish to use.

4. You’ll have access to your daily task according to the VIP Plan you choose.

5. After each task perform, ensure to take screenshot of it because you will need to submit the screenshot for verification and payment. Withdrawal

To withdraw your earning on you must meet the minimum withdrawal requirement.

The proceed to the withdrawal section in your dashboard to request for withdrawal. Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on is $100. If u want to withdraw in usdt, minimum withdrawal is $100 but if u want to withdraw in airtime minimum withdrawal is $20.

With $4 daily on free plan, it can take lengthy of time to reach the $100 threshold. But if you want to earn more details to make withdrawals faster, then you’ll need to subscribe to one of the paid plan.

Is Paying?

For now, is Paying according to some review. However, this is common among online making money platform. Most of them will pay their users for the first few weeks and stop when they have gotten more customers. So don’t invest beyond your Financial power.

Is Legit Or Scam? can not be tagged legit or scam at the moment. This is because the platform is new and the information available to us is not enough to pass judgment.


Before we conclude on this review, I want you to check out this 100% platform called hawkit. I’ve made a lot of money from this platform in the past few months. You can read more about them here.

Thanks for reading this review till this point. Kindly help us share with friends and relatives.

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