Quest International Company Review – Is Quest International is quest international company genuine

The article will reveal to all you need to know about Quest International Company, just ensure you read to the end

Quest international company is a multi-billion dollar business that has been around for a while, but is quest international company real? This and many more questions will be answered as you read further. 

Working in quest international company has been on the lips of most unemployed youth that are eager to get a job lately and people are wondering if it’s legit or a scam. I know a lot of people that paid a huge amount of money to join the company recently, so stay glued to this page as we’re ready to answer all your questions in this review.

A lot of people want to know about the company probably because they want to join the company or during educational research and they keep asking what quest international company is all about, if you are in this category, you’re not alone. 

So What Is Quest International Company All About?Is quest International Company Real?

Quest International Company according to the information available on its website, is a global e-commerce-based direct selling company that provides customers around the world with unique high-quality products and services, while allowing them to build a sales business by promoting these products.

According to my finding, this company produces different types of products like Golden accessories, medical equipment, and many more. Infact they are multiple businesses under the platform. 

How Does Quest International Company work?

If you want to know the working process of this company, I’ll advise you to read this section with keen interest.

How Does It Work?

To be part of the platform, you must register under somebody who’ll be your close guidance. After your registration, you’ll undergo a 1 months training with the company, although not compulsory but very vital to your success in the business.

Because that is where you will the marketing strategies which include how to sugarcoat someone to register under you and more.

Where Is Quest International Company In Nigeria

Guest international company can be found in many places in Nigeria includes Port Harcourt, Rivers, Lagos, Akwa Ibom Abuja Nigeria and more.

How To Join Quest International company In Nigeria

Since you must join through somebody, you’ll need to look out for someone who’s already into the business, you can find them anywhere on social media.

The person Will now put you through the registration process and guide you on how to make payments as a new member.

How Much Is Quest International Company Registration Fee?

The Registration fee is between N550,000 To N600,00 that’s about $1,322.53. Part of this payment will be used to get you a visa and open a dollar Bank account for you because your salary will be paid in Dollars. 

How To Make Money On Quest International Company

Before you can start making money, you must bring two people into the company. That is to say, two people must register under you before you’ll be qualified to start earning with the company. It’s more like an MLM business

Once you passed the membership stage you’ll become a distributing agent. According to them, they have ready buying clients waiting for you to deliver the product. So it’s basically the more you bring in more customers the more you earn.

Quest International Company Products

What is the product of Quest International? Quest international company are into the production of many different things which includes. Wristwatch, gold, medical equipment, TV Quest-made ingredients for foods, snacks, beverages, personal care, fine fragrances, and home hygiene products.

Quest International Company Salary In Nigeria.

How much is Quest International company salary in Nigeria?? The Quest international salaries for their Nigerian staff vary. The amount you make depends on your level. As a starter, according to most of their staff, you’ll be paid N130,000 weekly, and will last for 90 years. which means in a month you could earn up to N500,000. Too good to be true right? Lol 😂

Is Quest International Company Real?

Well, Quest international company could be real but not in the guise which people painted in just to have you registered under them. To answer your question, I’ll leave a link to people’s reviews at the end of this post where you can decide if it’s real or not after reading most of the reviews.

But before then, I’ll let you in about my friend’s experience. Two of my friends were into it, they both borrowed money registered into the company and I only got to know when the reality of bringing two people was down on them.

They both contacted me at separate Times telling me how they’ve found a lifetime opportunity and they want me to benefit from it. I was happy and further enquirer about the work and the needed certificate. To my surprise, the company doesn’t need any certificate to employ you. (That is not an issue anyway)

I make further research on my own and I got to find out the reason why they are seriously looking and wanting me to benefit from the company. After paying over 500k to join the business, they now need to bring two new members for them to enter the next face of the business.

Personally, I’m not a fan of any bring two people to make money in business because I don’t have the strength to face those I lured into the business when anything goes wrong. I did that when in the past and I ended up paying back with my money I won’t have issues with those involved.

I was disappointed because they didn’t tell me exactly what the process was knowing full well it’s not easy and I wouldn’t get involved in such business. At the time of this article, both of them are back home to square one. Because they could not bring anybody and realized continuing to stay there will be a waste of time since they can’t get back their money.

Like I promised, Here is the link to the Many reviews about the company. You can read to be more informed

Is Quest International A Genuine Business?

I have received Many message and email as regard to this question. A lot of people want to know if quest international a genuine business or not?

So today I’ll be answering the question with the best of my knowledge. Like I said earlier, Quest or gold international is not as easy as those looking to refer for their own benefits made it to be.

If you’re struggling to earn a living, it’s only right for you avoid it, those doing well can afford to waste money and time for as long as it takes.

So in general, I’ll say quest international business is not a Genuine Business and should be avoided especially for those struggling to survive.

Where Is Quest International Company Located?

Quest international company is Asian by heritage, but its distributors are spread across the Middle East, South and East Asia, Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.

Quest International Company Lagos

Where is quest international company located in Lagos? According to the information on Google maps. It’s located at 25 Ogbemudia street off Oluwodabiri street, Ayanwale St, Ikotun 100275, Lagos

Quest International Company Port Harcourt

Where is Quest International located in port Harcourt? The company is located at Trans Amadi 500102, Port Harcourt. So if you are looking for for where to find the company office, the above address should be of help.


Quest International Company is not directly a Scam but the process to join and make money as people looking for a referral portray it out of the world. The amount involved in high and not many people can afford it. After paying over 500k, you’ll need to bring two people to pay the same amount to the company for you to start making money. It’s ridiculous.

If you are ready to join this business, don’t forget to do further research, this review is for informational purposes and we won’t be held responsible for your actions outside this website.

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