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In our previous article, we discussed extensively about Jason McGowan Net Worth and how he made his money and today we’ll be talking about how rich Jerry Mathers the American Born actor is.

What Is Jerry Mathers net worth?Jerry Mathers net worth

Jerry Mathers Net Worth according to the several publication is estimated to be $3 million as at 2022. The American Born actor made most of his money from the Many TV show and on stage movie career. He’s best know for playing the young Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver on the TV show “Leave It to Beaver.

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Jerry Mathers Profile

Here you can scan through his profile to have an idea of who Jerry Mathers is.

Full Name Gerald Patrick Mathers

Age 74 years old

Height 1.7 m

Profession TV Actor

Date Of Birth 2 June 1948

Religion Christianity

Birthplace Sioux City, Iowa, United States

Nationality American

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Who is Jerry Mathers?

Jerry Mathers is an American Born popular actor who is well known for his smartly display on movie stage as well as TV show. According to report, Jerry Mathers was born in 1948, in Sioux City, Iowa and grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California.

Jerry Mathers Career

The majority of Jerry Mathers’ wealth came from his acting profession. He appeared uncredited in the movie “Son of Paleface” at the age of 4. Later, he found himself in an episode of “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.”

He soon began playing young characters who discover a dead body close to their homes in movies like “This is My Love,” “The Seven Little Foys,” and “The Trouble with Harry.” Mathers also made an appearance in “The Shadow on the Window” from 1957.

His acting career had a turning point in 1957 when he was cast as “Beaver” Cleaver in the television series “Leave it to Beaver.” Jerry appeared in all 234 episodes during the course of its six seasons.

He was the first kid actor to ever sign a contract for a specified share of a TV show’s merchandise sales. The program garnered a ton of positive feedback from viewers, and it debuted in more than 80 countries and 40 languages.


When Mathers was a teenager, he temporarily put acting on hold to concentrate on his high school responsibilities. He was the lead singer for the band Beaver and the Trappers while he was a student at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California.

He joined the US Air Force Reserve while still a student in 1966; he continued to serve after graduating and eventually attained the rank of Sergeant. He then enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley, where he later graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy.

Personal Life

He married his first wife Diana Platt in 1974 after first meeting her while he was a college student. They separated and got divorced in 1981. Following that, Jerry wed Rhonda Gehring.

The couple first met while performing in “So Long, Stanley” on tour. Noah, Mercedes, and Gretchen were the names of the couple’s three children. Later, in 1997, they called it quits on their union. Mathers married Teresa Modnick, his third wife, in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section of the article is where all your common questions are answered briefly and as concise as possible. Endavour to read though.

How much money did Jerry Mathers make?

The information about how much he make is not available as at the time of this article, however, Jerry Mathers Net Worth is said to be $3 millions dollars.

What is Jerry Mathers net worth and age?

He’s currently 74 years and has net worth of $3 millions dollars from his career as a famous actor.

Where does Jerry Mathers live now?

Do you want to know Where does Jerry Mathers live now? I’m happy to inform you that he’s currently living in Iowa

Jerry Mathers obituary

I know a lot of people are searching for information about Jerry Mathers obituary. Unfortunately, Jerry is still very much alive and as such need no obituary.

Is Jerry Mathers still alive

Yes. Jerry Mathers is still alive

What does Jerry Mathers do for a living

He’s an actor, a famous one at that. He’s has feature in Many acting activities as explained above. That’s is where he earned most of his money.

How old is Jerry Mathers

He was born in 1948, in Sioux City, Iowa, so he’s currently 74 years.


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