Paul wall net worth

Paul wall net worth – Business And Income

Some useful information on paul wall’s net worth.

Paul wall net worth

Paul wall is from the country of the USA he is a well-known and famous rapper in America, he started his rapping career at an early stage of his life since then has been doing wonderfully in the rapping industry.

Paul wall’s year and date of birth 1981, March 11
Current age 41
Colour White
Country USA
Body stature Normal
Occupation Rapper
Hair type Short
Original name Paul wall
Net worth $2.5 m
Sex Male
Marital status Married

He has collaborated with many local well-known artists in America and they are doing awesomely great he has also received numerous awards since his existence in the rapping industry.

Paul wall net worth

Paul wall net worth is $2.5m according to report. We’ll discuss more on that is we progress.

The early life of Paul wall.

Paul wall has a memorable childhood memory as he was growing up.

In the early years of March 11, 1981, a talented rapper Paul wall was born

Jersey village high school in Houston was the high school Paul wall attended after the completion of high school he didn’t stop there he went further to gain admission into the university of Houston to proceed with his academics, he studied mass communication at the Houston University, after the study he went into rapping fully.

He got married to her wife “crystal” in the year 2006 and they have 2 children.

Paul wall career

Paul wall met many artists who he collaborated with and they made many great waves together one of the most special people he come in contact with was “Chamillionaire” two of them did wonderfully in the industry, and the more both of them is collaborating the more they are becoming more famous in America.

Both of them went together and start rapping on radio stations to gain more popularity, since they start rapping on the radio state many people recognized them and this encouraged them to go deeper into rapping, to the extent they started gaining many contracts and also some business deals which in return earn them any money.

From there they started doing various mixtapes with many artists, other Rappers invited them so that they will collaborate in producing hit songs.

Paul wall’s net worth start increasing as his music got many buyers as he was waxing greater he released an album called “get ya mind correct” this very album of his sold around 200,000 copies which contributed to increasing his level in music career.

Paul wall albums

Paul wall has released many good albums since he started and the copies were sold in large quantities which signifies that they are good and liked by the public.

Some of the released albums by Paul wall are


 he released his first album which he named “get ya mind correct”.

It sold massively.


He released an album named “chick magnet” which sold massively that period on the Billboard of top R and B/ hip-hop chart Paul wall’s album ranked at 54 this also made the RIAA award him platinum.

He also got another Gold award from the US When he realized another album the same year called “sittin sideways” and “girl”.


He released another wonderful album of his which he called “controversy sells” this very album ranked higher and sold well. this song was the last song he did together with his friend and colleague “Chamillionaire” and then he start releasing songs without any collaboration.


Paul wall realized an album that he named “get money, stay true” this album of his impressed many that listened to it, although it was his solo album.

The best Grammy award for best rap was given to Paul wall in 2007.


No song realized but he got involved with a big personality called III Bill & N9ne it was and they both attended an event that was popular nationwide.


Paul wall was involved in his first movie acting the name of that movie was “I hope they serve beer in hell” after the movie he did forget his singing career he realized another song called “fast life”.

2013 & 2014

 Paul wall’s net worth goes higher as he released cool albums called “the pop-up poet’ & “#check season”

He has also been doing well in this rapping industry his net worth is also going higher.

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