Piggyvest review – Is Piggyvest Legit Or A Scam? Here Is All You Need To Know

This Piggyvest review will sure open your mind to many opportunities that you have been missing for years, this review intends to cover a whole lot of topics/subtopics as it concerns Piggyvest saving and investment platform so stay glued.

Before I continue, let me quickly inform you that, Piggyvest is 100% legit. I have been with them for years. So if you are among those asking if Piggyvest is legit or a scam, I believe I’ve answered your question. You can now register and enjoy free savings and investments.


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PiggyVest Review

PiggyVest has been around for years and has helped millions of people accomplish their financial goals through personal and group savings and also through the PiggyVest investment plan.

PiggyVest is West Africa’s first online “Savings & Investment” app. On the 7th of January 2016, they began as “Piggybank.ng” as just a savings-only platform.

For three years, the company simply offered savings to their customers. Then, in April 2019, they changed their name to “PiggyVest” and started offering users direct investment opportunities in addition to savings.

After 5 years, they’ve continued to provide exceptional service to over 1,000,000+ users, assisting them in managing their finances with ease and transparency. Every month, their users save and spend billions of Naira that they would have spent otherwise.

PiggyVest is on a mission to “empower everyone to better manage and increase their finances.

What Is PiggyVest?

As explained above, PiggyVest is primarily a savings platform that was introduced in 2016. PiggyVest, formerly known as Piggy Bank, was rebranded to PiggyVest in 2019 and began offering consumers investment alternatives in addition to savings.

It’s a platform that aims to empower everyone to better manage and increase their finances.

How Does PiggyVest work

In this section of the PiggyVest review, I’ll do my best to explain how the platform work and more.

PiggyVest work in different ways. You can use the platform as a savings platform or investment platform.

The savings platform gives you 13% interest while the interest on the direct investment varies.

Savings Plan

This section of the PiggyVest review will explain the different categories of the savings plan and their respective percentage per annum.

The savings plan are of different categories. Unlike other financial institutions, PiggyVest will pay you a reasonable amount of interest when you save with them.  The categories are…


Strict savings automatically. Daily, weekly or Monthly. 10% p.a

Flex Naira

Flexible savings for emergencies. Free transfers, withdrawals, etc. 8% p.a


Lock funds to avoid temptations. Upfront interest. Up to 13% p.a

This plan will help you to your fund for a specific period before it becomes withdrawable.

Let’s say you have a goal to accomplish financially and don’t have the habit of saving in your house without touching it. This savings plan will help you achieve it without stress. You can be saving little amount of fund until you have reach your target amount.


Reach your unique individual saving goals. 9% p.a

Flex Dollar

Save & grow your wealth in dollars. Up to 7% p.a in dollars.

The above are the savings plans and their respective interest rates. Just make your choice and start the saving journey.

How to Save in PiggyVest

Only verified registered members can save money on PiggyVest. So to start saving, you must REGISTER and click on each of the categories above and follow the instructions. You can equally fund your account and move the fund to your preferred savings plan.

PiggyVest investment

Piggyvest review

PiggyVest investment is another amazing feature of piggyvest. Here you’ll find a multitude of investment plans that gives a good return between 3 to 11 months.

How does PiggyVest investment Work

This section of the  PiggyVest review is dedicated to explaining in detail how PiggyVest investment work.

As a member of the PiggyVest platform, you’ll have access to numerous investment plans on piggyvest that the interest rate is not found anywhere.

To start the investment journey, all you need to do is to Login or sign up to the piggyvest platform and locate the investment area. Select your choice of the investment plan and continue. The good thing about PiggyVest investment is that you can invest as little as N1000.

What is Piggyvest interest rate per month?

As I earlier explained. Piggyvest interest rate per month varies. The different categories of investment and savings come with different interest rate per month or P.a. each plan has it own unique interest rate.

Piggyvest interest rate per month of a 7 months investment plan can not equate the 11 months of investment plan. So that’s how it works.

Who owns piggyvest?

According to Wikipedia and other piggyvest review online, the PiggyVest founders and the person who owns piggyvest is Odunayo Eweniyi.

He’s a Nigerian business executive and activist. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer PiggyVest and co founder of Feminist Coalition.

How old is piggyvest?

How long has PiggyVest been in existence?Piggyvest commence their operations in 2016 as piggybank and as a savings platform only before rebranding to piggyvest in 2019 with an additional feature called piggyvest investment. Technically, piggyvest has been in existence since 2016.

Is PiggyVest approved by CBN

The question of whether piggyvest is approved by CBN is very relevant concerning the scamming situation surrounding the Internet environment. Let me use this piggyvest review to inform you and the rest of the world that, piggyvest is licensed and registered with CBN. So you’ve no cause to worry.

How to get Piggyvest account number?

Piggyvest review

Just like every other financial institutions, piggyvest has it own unique account number given to each members on the platform. You can deposit into the account from anywhere like the normal bank account.

Can I make money with PiggyVest?

Yes of course. Aside from the interest on the savings and investment. You can make money with piggyvest through their referral program.

As a registered member on the piggyvest platform, you’ve access to a unique referral link on your dashboard that you can share among your friends and family. You’ll be paid N1000 for every successful person that registers through your referral link.

PiggyVest customer care line

Do you have queries or issues and you need the PiggyVest customer care line to solve them? Every legit company has a contact number or form with which customers can reach them so is piggyvest. Below is the PiggyVest customer care line.

Phone. 0700 933 933 933

Email [email protected]

You can also reach them on social media through their social media handles. CLICK HERE now to register.

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