Do You Want To Make Money Online? With, You can make 5k daily online REGISTER NOW Review 2022 – Is Legit Or Scam?

This Review will give you an overview of what the platform is all about and also reveal to you if it's legit or not

You’re probably here while searching for Review to guide you on how to make money on the platform and also find out if is legit or Scam. If that be the case, you are in the right direction.

So in this Review, I’m going to do a detail overview of what is all about, how the platform work and how to register and become a verified member. But before then, I need to tell you why you should read this Review.

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Why Should I Read Review?

Well, the major reason for reading a review is to get an overview of the subject matters. In the case of and other making money platform, reading their review before going into it becomes so important.

This is because, we’ve had a countless number of scamming case of some making money platform where promises never fulfill after luring members to invest in the platform.

So to be on a safer side, you need to read what people are saying about any platform so you’ll have an idea of what you’re going into.

So Let’s get started

What Is review according to finding is an online earning platform that claims to pay users for carrying out some simple task on the platform.

The tasks involve are very simple, it’s something you do on the internet free on daily basis but you get paid for doing it on

How Does Work?

If you want to know how to platform work, Pay attention to this part of review. When you Register and become a verified member, you’ll automatically join the intern level free which will give you an opportunity to perform simple task and earn N400 daily.

For every task you perform you earn N80 and as a free members, you’re limited to only 5 tasks daily. So to earn More you’ll need to deposit and subscribe to the higher plan of your choice as it’s basically the higher the plan, the higher the earning. I’ll highly on each plan as you read further.

Another easy way you can make money on is through referral. As member, you can make extra money on the platform by simply invite other people to join the platform through your referral link.

For every successful person’s that join the platform using your referral link you earn a commission. It’s that simple.

How To Get Referral On

Login or Sign-in to your dashboard and lactate your referral link, copy it and start promoting using the verious social media platform Link, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

You can equally tell your friends and family about the platform and have them register using your link. So imagine having 10-20 referral daily times the commission. VIP Plans

Like I promised earlier, there are 8 different VIP plans on So check out and make your choice according to your packet.

1. Intern : Free Plan
Per Tasks Earnings : N80.
Daily Profit : N400.

2. VIP 1 : N10,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N100
Monthly Profit : N15,000.

3. VIP 2 : N50,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N150
Monthly Profit : N81,000.

4. VIP 3 : N150,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N220
Monthly Profit : N250,800

5. VIP 4 : N300,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N250
Monthly Profit : N525,000.

6. VIP 5 : N600,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N300
Monthly Profit : N1,125,000.

7. VIP 6 : N900,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N400
Monthly Profit : N1,800,000.

8. VIP 7 : N1,500,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N500
Monthly Profit : N3,000,000

9. VIP 8 : N5,000,000
Per Tasks Earnings : N700
Monthly Profit : N10,206,000.

I believe with the above analysis, you’ll be able to find your way around it. The higher subscribe the higher your respected earning.

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To register on simply follow the steps bellow.

  • Visit the registration Page HERE
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your password
  • Enter your verification code
  • And click register. Login/Sign-in

To login to your dashboard, kindly

  • Visit
  •  Enter your phone number
  • Enter your password
  • Click login now Withdrawal

Have you earned enough and you want to know how to make withdrawal? Or perhaps you want have an idea on how to make withdrawal from the platform, this this section of Review is for you.

To withdraw on, you must have earned up to the minimum withdrawal amount. Then click withdrawal button from your dashboard and follow the instructions. Ensure you have your bank details saved in the platform before you initiate the withdrawal.

Is Legit?

We can’t at the moment tagged legit. This is because the platform is new and the information available on the official website and other Review article is not enough to tag it legit.

Is Scam?

Although we have not received any complain or scamming issues regarding the platform. But it has the characteristics of those who promised and failed in the past and That it can not be trace to any body makes it more suspicious.

Like I warned earlier. Do not invest the amount you can not afford to lose. My advice is to start with the free plan and take advantage of the referral program and see how far it goes.


Please be informed that the information above regarding the Review may not be 100% accurate, because things may have change after we must have completed our research. We therefore will not be held accountable for any incorrect decisions made by you.

Kindly let us know about your experience or if you have come across anything that could help us improve this post in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family

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Thanks for reading this review till this point. Kindly help us share with friends and relatives.

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  1. It’s a scam. I’m a VIP1, as soon as I tried withdrawing part of money invested, the site ceased loading and money not paid.

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