Steven Furtick net worth

Steven Furtick net worth – Business And Income

Here we’ll discuss about Steven Furtick net worth and more. 

Steven Furtick is a young vibrant pastor well-known in the United States of America, he is the general overseer and founder of a big church named  “Elevation church” which he founded and established in the year 2006.Steven Furtick net worth

Pastor Steven Furtick is a great God servant who has the fear of God, he is also a wealthy man with many possessions worth millions of dollars. He is also helping the widow and the helpless he has done good work both in the sight of God and man, his character is worth emulation indeed.

Pastor Steven Furtick is a gospel preacher that preaches to people about the gospel of Jesus Christ, he has given hope to the hopeless through his gospel preaching also he has turned many back to God as he preached the word of God to them.

Pastor Steven Furtick details in a table format.

Sex Male
net worth $70-90m
His original name Steven Furtick
The day he was given birth to 1980, Feb. 16
His current age 43 years
Marital status Married
Father Larry Stephen Furtick
Mother Faith Furtick
His siblings  
Wife Holly Furtick
Career Pastor, motivational speaker
Nationality USA
Religion Christianity

Pastor Steven Furtick’s early life

Just like everyone living human, Stephen Furtick was given birth to in the year 1980, February 16 by her mother named Mrs faith Furtick, Larry Stephen Furtick is his father’s name he was given birth in South Carolina in the United States of America.

He was a pastor and a Christian by religion

At Berkeley, high school is the place pastor Stephen Furtick finished his secondary school also he got his degree from  North Greenville University.

According to him it’s just a book he read about that gave him the inspiration and courage to achieve his aim of becoming the pastor he was today.

Pastor Stephen Furtick has also been the author of many interesting and motivational books

Steven Furtick’s personal life

 Stephen Furtick married a very pretty lady called Holla Furtick in the year 2002 their marriage is very fruitful and blessed with 3 precious children their names are  Elijah, Graham, and Abby.

Stephen Furtick liked putting in expensive attire  and he had acquired million worth millions of dollars

Pastor Steven furtick net worth

Steven Furtick is a very rich and famous pastor in America, he does not come from one place he has many things that are yielding great income for him.

According to a trusted source, it was revealed that pastor Steven Furtick net worth is around $50-$90m in the year 2022, with many things that are earning him money.

He is known to be an author, a motivational speaker, a pastor, and also a YouTuber all these contributed to his wealth.

He earns a lot from his salary as a pastor but he has revealed that although he receives his salary from pastoring he doesn’t make use of it, he donated it to a charity organization and also to those that are in real need of help which money can solve.

$93.6m has been gotten from elevation church in the year 2020, all these contributed to pastor Stephen Furtick’s net worth

Pastor Steven Furtick’s income gotten from being an eloquent motivational speaker

Steven Furtick is a well-known eloquent motivational speaker in America he is full of wisdom, and people like listening to his wise speaking because they gain a lot from it.

Due to his wise motivational speeches, he has gone to many big places to share his word of knowledge with his listeners this gave him a lot of money, up to $37-$58 is just the price of buying a ticket of entering Stephen Furtick show imagine when 3,000 people attended it $37×3,000=$111,000 this is good money.

Below are some of the big motivational events & conferences he has been a guest speaker

Hillsong European conference in the year 2016

Elephant room season 1&2 in the year 2011

Dominion camp meeting in the year 2015

And other places he has been for the sake of motivational speaking.

Stephen Furtick also makes money from the books he published and also from his YouTube channel. 

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