Review (Is Legit Or Scam?)

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Gone are the days when making money on the internet seems like a dream that never sees the light but today it’s a different story entirely. You can not only make money on the internet but you can do it from the comfort of your home. With the necessary tools available in this internet age, everything seems possible.

In this short Review, I’ll be doing justice to questions like, what is How does work? How to make money on and of course to know if is real or fake.

Please note. This review you’re about to read is the result of our research. We at Infoguide Media are not affiliated with or against any platform, so whatever you decide after reading this review is entirely your responsibility.

What Is /Userpeek review review

Like most earning platform, is an online platform that promise to pay people for testing different websites, application and online shops.

Here is what the platform has to say.

Userpeek is a piece of software that allows you to test ideas, concepts, prototypes, and current assets with actual people in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of effort and money.

We are convinced that user testing is the most effective way to generate the best user experience and, as a result, the most rapid growth for a product.

How Does Userpeek work?

This part of userpeek review will guide you on how the platform work and also how to make money on

According to the platform, After you must have successfully registered as a member of, you’ll have access to the making money part of the website. All you need to do is to start tasting website, app and online shops and start making money. Referral/Affiliate Program

Another best way to make money from is through referral. When you refer anybody to the platform, a certain amount of money will be paid to you as a commission or compensation as the case may be.

How To Get Referal?

To get referral to boost your earnings, you must have a basic understanding of marketing either online of offline, Social media is preferably.

Share your affiliate link on your social media so that your friend and relatives can register using your link. That way, you can make more money on the platform. Registration/Signup

Userpeek registration is very simple. Just visit the website here and supply all the require details and then click on registration button. Login/Sign in

To login to your account on

Visit And click on login, enter your login detail and click the login button. Withdrawal

To withdraw your earning on, you must have earned up to the withdrawal minimum amount, after which you’ll supply the account detail to which you want to receive the money with.

Is Paying?

If you are here to know if Userpeek is paying or not, I’m glad to inform you that there is no evidence of payment 💰 on the platform at the moment as well as other review on the internet.

Who is the Owner/Founder/CEO of

Do you want to know the brain behind It’s unfortunate that we can’t verify the identity of who owns at the moment. However, we will keep digging as usual and will feed you back if anything related comes up.

Is userpeek Legit?

According to the report from other review, the platform is said to be legit, however, experience they said is the best teacher. You further your research by visiting other reviews for more information.

Is scam?

Is scam? The platform is relatively new and we’ve not gotten any reports to suggest or tag it as a scam. But as we always advise, don’t invest more than what you can bear.

Thanks for taking out time to read this review. Do well to drop a message for us using the comment box. See you again in our next review. Stay glued.

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