Xtraincome.org Review

Xtraincome.org Review – Is Xtraincome Legit Or Scam

Xtraincome org emerge recently and has since then drawn attention of some individuals, while some try to finds out about the extraincome.org registration, a lot of individuals contemplate on whether the platform is legit or not and in this xtraincome.org review, I will be providing you with all you need to know about the platform.

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As I have stated above, I will be revealing to you in this guide, all you need to know about the platform without hiding anything from you, as well as how you can make money on the platform if possible.

This implies that my today xtraincome org review is going to serve two purpose, which is to review the platform and as well provide you with real time trick to make money on the platform if you later decided to register on the platform.

About xtraincome.org

Xtraincome.org Review

As the name implies, the platform is said to have been created with the aim of providing the general public a way to earn money extra income.

The platform is said to be innovated by experienced monetization experts in a bid to equip it’s members financially with affiliate skills

When a member signs up on Xtraincome, such individual will have access to 5 ways of EARNING which can be accessed via a one-time registration fee of 3,000 naira

How xtraincome.org works

The platform allows you to make money via different methods and these methods includes:


You can make money on the plat form by performing daily tasks and Earning as follows;

Unlock daily earnings #200

Daily Sponsored Share Bonus #300


By telling your friends and family about Xtraincome you will be eligible to get a referral bonus of #2200 for every individuals you referred to the platform and registered through your link.


This is when someone you registered on Xtraincome directly with your Referral Link Registers another person which can be their friends or family

You get another Whooping sum of #200 unlimitedly as long as they keep referring.

But if you want to withdraw the bonus immediately, you can use the bonus to buy airtime or data.

5. Compensation Plans and Contest

The platform provides monthly challenge for affiliates to motivate them to earn faster. If it happens that you participate in any of these challenge or contests, you will stand a chance to earn prizes such as laptops, mobile phones, pressing Iron, Plasma TV and many more.

Those who win these kinds of challange are top earners who earn faster during the stipulated period of the challange.

Xtralncome.org Registration – How to register on Xtralncome.org

To register on the platform, you will need two things and these are the coupon code and the registration link respectively. The coupon code is what you’re going to purchase with 3000 naira and you will then use the coupon code to complete your registration.

The registration link is the link to click after which you have obtain the coupon code.

Step 1

You will go to the platform coupon code vendor page, scroll down the list and select any vendor of your choice. Click on the WhatsApp icon attached to the vendor of your choice and you will be taken to their WhatsApp dm.

Ignore the welcome message, and tell the person that you need a coupon code for Xtralncome registration. He/she will drop account to pay to. Pay to the account and send screenshot of your Payment.

Once you’re able to get the coupon code, return to this page.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION : Don’t allow any of the vendor to do Registration for you, once you obtain the coupon code from them, come back to this page to continue your registration.

Above is what the coupon code looks like, don’t for any reason send anyone your details, once you pay and drop the payment screenshot, the next thing for the vendor is to drop your coupon code for you.

Step 2

Now click here to go to the registration page, fill in your details carefully and gently, paste your coupon code in the box provided. Then click on the register button and that’s all. You have complete your registration.

During your registration, you will see referred bymake sure the name in the space is adexbkw if not change it to adexbkw, but if adexbkw is there automatically, kindly proceed with your registration.

How to refer and earn on xtraincome

In order to refer and earn on the platform, simply copy your referral link and share it with your referrals. Make sure they register with your link so that you will get paid for referring them to the platform.

Xtraincome is an earning platform that allows you to make money login into your account daily and referring others to the platform, however, with our experience on this type of platform, we can assume that they do pay for a long period of time. Only if things go as expected.

The only identified issue to be stated in this xtraincome review is that, as older the platform b comes, the more competitive it becomes to withdraw the earnings you might have accumulated via task.

Minimum Withdrawal for task earnings

Unlike the affiliate earnings, before you can place a withdrawal for your activities earnings on the platform, you must have accumulate up to 15,000 naira and the withdrawal opportunity for activities earnings only Opens once in every month. And as at the moment of writing this Xtralncome.org review, the withdrawal date for the activities earnings remains 27th of every month.

Is Xtralncome.org legit

As at the moment of writing this guide, a considerable payment history is available for the platform and a lot of individuals have been paid and still getting paid. However, the most of the withdrawal available are of that of the affiliate earnings as tasks earnings required minimum of 15,000 for withdrawal and only opens once in every month.

Hence, the platform can be pronounced as legit. Incase you want to make a reasonable amount of money from the platform but don’t know how to refer, this pas has provide a detailed step by step referral marketing guide for you and you should check it out.


Xtraincome is likes of read news and get paid platform and with the details provided in this review, I am sure that you should have fully understand how the platform works and know fully well, what and what you can get from the platform

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