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Zoetrx.com Review 2022 – Is Zoetrx.com Legit Or Scam?

This article is for you if you are looking for Zoetrx.com Review in order to find out if  Zoetrx.com is legit or not. Zoetrx.com review

Making money online can be very easy especially if you know or follow those who know road and in most cases it can be tricky because the majority of the making money online platform are not actually out to help you make money, rather they want make money from you.

That bring us down to the reason why it’s very important to read this Zoetrx.com Review till the end.

Among the question we’ll be answering in this article includes;- What is Zoetrx.com? Is Zoetrx.com Legit? Is Zoetrx.com scam?  How does Zoetrx.com works? Who is the owner of Zoetrx.com? Zoetrx.com registration/sign up, Zoetrx.com login/Sign-in, is Zoetrx.com paying? Zoetrx.com withdrawal, Zoetrx.com Plans/Packages and many more.

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Let’s continue

What is Zoetrx.com?

Zoetrx.com is an online earning platform where members can invest using Tron coins and get high return to their investment.

How Does Zoetrx.com Work?

As a registered member of Zoetrx.com, you’ll have access to invest in your choice for plan on the platform.

Basically, there are 6 different investment plans available on the platform, each plan represent a staking minner that will help mine the coins even when you’re sleeping.

Zoetrx.com Staking minner Plans

Below are the Zoetrx staking minner plans and their verious investment amount and then possible return of investment and duration.

1). TRX (1-day plan only once)

  • Daily Earnings = 5
  • Daily Profit Ratio = 5.03%
  • Cycle 1Sky
  • Settlement Method = Settlement At Maturity
  • Minimum Investment Amount 100

2). TRX (7-day investment project)

  • Daily Earnings=6
  • Daily Profit Ratio= 6.12%
  • Cycle=7Sky
  • Settlement Method = Settlement At Maturity
  • Minimum Investment Amount 100

3). TRX (15-day investment project)

  • Daily Earnings = 40
  • Daily Profit Ratio = 8.23%
  • Cycle = 15 Sky
  • Settlement Method = Settlement At Maturity
  • Minimum Investment Amount 500

4). TRX (30-day investment project)

  • Daily Earnings = 110
  • Daily Profit Ratio = 11.14%
  • Cycle = 30Sky
  • Settlement Method = Settlement At Maturity
  • Minimum Investment Amount 1000

5). TRX (60-day investment project)

  • Daily Earnings = 750
  • Daily Profit Ratio = 15.32%
  • Cycle = 60Sky
  • Settlement Method = Settlement At Maturity
  • Minimum Investment Amount 5000

6). TRX (90-day investment project)

  • Daily Earnings = 1900
  • Daily Profit Ratio = 19.67%
  • Cycle = 90Sky
  • Settlement Method = Settlement At Maturity
  • Minimum Investment Amount 10000

You can buy as many staking minner as you. And the More and higher miner you buy the More money you make.

How to Recharge Or Deposit on Zoetrx

If you want to deposit in order to activate your staking minner plans. Just login to your dashboard, click on Recharge from the available options and follow the instructions.

You can equally make money from the platform using the Zoetrx.com affiliate program. As a registered users, you’ll be given a unique Referral link that you can use to make more money.

When a member registered using your affiliate link, the platform will pay you a commission and for every deposit the person make, you’ll earn some percentage.

The link is located in your dashboard, you can see it upon registration or login. Just copy it and start sharing among the people of like mind. This is mostly recommended as you don’t have to deposit or recharge to start earning.

Zoetrx.com Registration) Sign up

Simply follow the steps below To register and be part of the platform.

  • Visit the registration Page
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your password
  • Enter your security code
  • Confirm the invitation code
  • Enter additional code
  • Click Create an Account

Zoetrx.com Login/Sign-in

To login to your dashboard. Simply enter your phone number and password and then click login.

Zoetrx.com Withdrawal

Once you reach the required withdrawal amount on the platform, you are permitted to make withdrawals. You only need to enter your account information and make a withdrawal request.

Ensure you have the right wallet address update in your withdrawal details and it can not be charged after binding.

Who is the Owner/Founder of Zoetrx.com?

According to our finding, there is no information about the founder/CEO of Zoetrx.com on their website and can not also be found on any Zoetrx.com review online.

Is Zoetrx.com Paying?

As at the time of this article, there is no proof of payment from the platform or anywhere on the internet. So I’ll advise you slow down on the amount you invest is necessary.

Is Zoetrx.com Legit?

Zoetrx.com cannot be tagged a legit or Scam platform at the moment. Because, we do not have enough data to back up the claim. But we’ve had similar platform that has failed in delivering as promised.

However, like I said earlier, if you must invest in the platform, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose.


This Zoetrx.com review is a product of our research. We do not have any affiliation with the company, so whatever you decide to do with the information above outside this website is entirely your responsibility.

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